I like to consider myself a bit of a cheese connoisseur – especially on the Atlanta cheese plate scene.  As it were I have ordered cheese apps at all of my favorite restaurants and feel like I’ve been exposed to a good amount of what to expect in ATL – Much of it is great but … Continue reading

Cheese Curds & A Bartender Named Kurt

For those of you that are unaware cheese curds are a cheese product created that is not pressed into the common blocks most are familiar with but rather left in its raw form.  Most people have heard of them in the nursery rhyme “Little Miss Muffet” – which addresses them as “curds and whey”.  They … Continue reading

Experience on life, culture and cheese!

Why would anyone write a blog dedicated to cheese?  Who would take the time to write such a blog? To answer the second question: someone who goes by Bree seems like a natural fit, the first needs a bit more detail. The inspiration for this blog is actually from a Christmas present circa 2011 from … Continue reading